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Why You Should Hire a Race Management or Timing Company

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

So, you want to start a race? A 5k race is a great way to fundraise for your non-profit or an add-on to an existing event to attract even more attendees. In 2017, 18.3 million people participated in running events across the country according to Running USA. Running is not only a great way to stay healthy, but everyone loves the camaraderie and energy that surrounds a fun race, especially if they are raising money for a good cause. What could go wrong?

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Details Matter

Over the course of the last few years, we have worked with hundreds of organizations and people to put on races across New Hampshire and beyond. People think putting a race on is not a big deal. But sometimes you have to jump through hoops with towns to get all the correct permits for race day. Not everyone has the time, energy, and knowledge to handle towns and all the situations that might arise during the approval process. That’s where a race management team can truly help you.

It takes a village to manage and run a successful race. You’ll need as many volunteers as you can get to help with race sign-in, directing runners on the route and stopping traffic, handing out water at aid stations, and many other tasks. The best race management companies will be hands-on with your staff and help coordinate all the steps along the way – including recruiting enough volunteers so you don’t have to be in 10 places at once come race day.

The biggest thing many businesses don’t realize is how much work goes into marketing an event. Social media and websites with online race registration are key to getting people to sign-up and come to your race. A full-service race management company with marketing experience can handle all those pesky details so you can focus on other things like running your organization.

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Just Timing or Full Service?

Many race management companies provide both timing and full race management services for races. Timing only is good for small events with a small budget. Sometimes that is all a small non-profit can afford and many companies, especially the ones that work primarily with non-profits on charity events, are happy to work within your budget. Depending on your budget and the services offered, the race management company can handle everything from the online registration process, timing on race day, and race photos among other things. Of course, some larger timing companies might just show up and leave when the race over. It’s important to do your research and ask your references when choosing a race management company for your event. The difference could mean thousands of dollars towards your fundraising goals.

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At Total Image Running, we strive to provide the best race experience possible for our clients and the race participants. Our full race management services cover everything from A to Z. You don’t have to worry about gathering all the required permits, working with the local police, and recruiting and managing volunteers and sponsors. We’ll also help with your marketing, so you’ll raise as much money as possible.

Race directing comes with great responsibility. While running is a relatively safe sport, there are potential risks and dangers that could occur, especially if the race course is on active roadways. Safety should always be your first concern. Race management companies will have all the safety equipment you need for your race along with the knowledge and skills to keep runners safe. For example, orange cones will be needed to safely cone off running lanes and volunteers or the local police will help direct vehicular traffic away from runners.

Course creation can be tricky. In addition to the terrain (no one wants to run up a mountain both ways!), you need to think about flow. You don’t want people running into each other! A full-service race management company can help you design the perfect race course that welcomes all levels of runners and walkers. Additionally, they will help you mark the course and manage vehicular traffic on race day.

The Total Package

A smooth race experience will bring runners back year after year. With years of experience, we have managed races of all sizes and types from 5k's to 10 milers all over New Hampshire and we've even worked our way into Vermont. We’re here to help you every step of the way for all your timing and race management needs. We’d love to hear more about your upcoming event so we can help you achieve all your goals. Let’s hit the ground running together and make every mile matter!

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