Keep Moving: Staying Motivated (and Safe) this Winter

winter running trail

As 2020 comes to a close (queue a collective sigh of relief) many of us may find it difficult to stay motivated and active as the colder weather here in the northeast takes its grip. While this is always a challenge during this time of year - one that has led to many a New Year’s resolution gone bad, this year may prove to be especially difficult with the prospect of gyms & fitness centers being closed. During the warmer summer months, the closure of these facilities led to a huge increase in outdoor running, both among seasoned runners and those getting out for the first time. But while many find the prospect of venturing out once the thermometer has dipped below T-shirt and shorts weather daunting, with the right gear (and mindset), running in winter can be very enjoyable. This month we get expert advice from Total Image Running founder Christine Lewis, who says, “staying safe, comfortable and motivated during winter, comes down to three things - preparation, gear and goals.”