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the journalist with your expert opinion . if they use you as a source they'll usually link back to your site . social media profiles now. the value exchange here is simple you're exchanging your expert knowledge for a mention . usually a link from an authoritative site from my personal experience i've gotten links from places like reader's digest inc magazine forbes .. the huffington post to name a few now looking at. the three stages of link building. the prospecting part is as easy as it gets you sign up for a free service . journalists are actually looking for your help not. the other way around which makes harrow super beginner friendly as for vetting you can simply scan through. the results on a daily basis but that can be time consuming a simple tip you can use is to create a gmail filter so only relevant emails will surface in your inbox just log into gmail . click on. the caret to bring down. the search options next set. the from field to harrow then you'll want to set. the subject to harrow within square brackets since all of their emails include that in. the subject line finally set. the has. the words field to any keywords you want to monitor . you can also use. the or search operator to include multiple keywords or phrases click search to see. the results your search filters would include . check out some of. the emails to ensure you're getting relevant results if everything looks good click on. the caret again . then click create filter you'll then have. the options to apply labels mark it as important or forward it to another team member to take care of now as for. the email outreach part harold gives you an email address which will then be forwarded to. the journalist so just respond to. the given email address . write your response now obviously you're not going to be. the only person emailing. the journalist so here are a few tips you can use to improve your hit rate number one keep your emails as short as needed journalists get tons of emails . if they see a huge wall of text they probably won't even give your response a chance number two go after topics where journalists are likely looking for multiple sources for example this query from best life is seeking medical experts as in. the plural form of expert these kinds of requests will usually be your typical listicle-styled posts so. the more responses they accept. the higher your chances of getting mentioned . linked to number three respond as quickly as possible journalists on hero will often give a tighter deadline to give themselves time to actually put together a good story plus some journalists believe that people who respond faster are better sources don't believe me here's what a journalist from reader's digest said to me. the deadline was just to make sure i get people to respond in a timely manner i actually have. the rest of. the month to put. the story together which is nice i find. the tighter. the deadline i attach. the better. the response is because. the only people who go to. the effort are ones who really have something relevant to offer obviously this doesn't apply to every journalist but it kind of makes sense all right tip 4 is to prioritize questions where you are an expert . use it as. the first line in your pitch there will be days where you can't respond to every relevant request so prioritize. the ones where you have. the highest probability of getting sourced for example popsugar is looking for experts who can talk about why cats scratch furniture . how to stop them from doing it if you're a vet then you might start your email with something like hi jenna my name is sam oh . i'm a veterinarian with 12 years experience . a board member of. the cat alliance clearly i'm not a vet but you get my point when you immediately qualify yourself as. the right person to answer. the question you'll likely get their attention of course you should be 100 honest so i wouldn't claim to be a vet when i'm not . finally follow all directions in their query for example this one says please be sure to include your full name pronouns title . credentials .. the website you'd like linked with your name all right. the next link building tactic is guest posting or guest blogging same thing guest blogging is when you create content for another website .. the reason why this strategy works is because there's a clear value exchange they get great content for free . almost always they allow you to link back to your site whether that be within. the content or in. the author bio now guest blogging also provides another great benefit aside from a potential backlink you get. the opportunity to get exposure to someone else's audience they've already done. the hard work in building that audience you just have to write something that'll impress their readers now when you're prospecting you'll need to get a list of websites . there are a few ways you can do that. the first way is to use google search operators just go to google . search for something like in title colon write for us wrapped in quotes . then a keyword that's related to your niche in this case this search query will show us pages that include. the phrase write for us in. the title . have. the word golf balls somewhere on. the page . this is a common footprint that websites use to attract guest writers now because you'll want to write for sites with some kind of link authority you can use ahrefs seo toolbar to see link authority metrics right within google search results . if you don't have an ahrefs account you can use our free website authority checker to see. the domain ratings for these sites another way to find a list of sites fast is to use ahrefs content explorer content explorer is a searchable database where you can find pages on any topic along with both social . seo metrics to get started just enter a topic that's related to your niche . run. the search next you'll want to set some filters to ensure that a you're getting relevant results . b that you're reaching out to websites that have some kind of link authority so first i'll set. the language filter to english since that's. the only language i'll be able to write in then i'll set a domain rating filter . set it to a range like 30 to 60.


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